5 Unmistakable signs your website is dated

Do you ever wonder if your website is so five years ago? Do you ever suspect your site is one of those awkward, plaid-pants wearing sites that makes people cringe? Websites are every bit as susceptible to fashion and trends as Katy Perry’s hair. Read these dead-giveaway signs that your site needs a face-lift…

Too much navigation/functionality

Once websites rounded the corner on expanded functionality, some people went a little nuts. All of a sudden visitors were being bombarded by sliding, flashing, popping graphics that made them feel like they were on a bad amusement park ride. Remember folks, just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. Some fancy elements are appealing, but they should be used judiciously. If you’ve gone overboard with features, people don’t know where to look, and sensory overload typically results in lost visitors to your site.

Mobile disaster

Google reports that nearly 60% of all searches take place on a mobile site. If your mobile presence is unappealing, you may as well just hang a “closed permanently” sign on your door and get it over with. If a user has to enlarge text and images to get what they need, or dig through navigation not designed for mobile, they are likely to get frustrated and bounce. The time for your site to be mobile-friendly was yesterday.

Too busy (fonts/color)

If your site is cluttered with too many frilly fonts and/or aggressive color palettes, your site may resemble a Kindergarten project. Those are fine for displaying on the fridge, but they are not fine as a digital introduction to your potential customer. Sites today tend to have classic, clean, simple designs with clear (and minimal) navigation, as well as captivating images. If your site is too junked up, it ends up looking like a wallpapered room with patterned furniture. And we all know how that looks….dated.

Unorganized dumping ground

As long as we’re talking about clutter, has your site become a dumping ground for every breath your business takes? For every piece of information ever written about your industry? Do your drop-down menus read like a greedy kid’s Christmas list? If so, we’ve got trouble.

When it comes to websites, information is a well-choreographed dance. The trick is to provide a useful overview that makes your potential client pick up the phone or drop by for more information. Also, text-heavy sites can be visually overwhelming, and visitors may be turned off as a result. Here again, the perfect balance of SEO best practices and user experience must be employed. If your site looks like a big pile of disorganized word vomit, it may be time to update your site.


Nothing will make a potential client exit from your site faster than a site that doesn’t load properly. And by properly, we mean quickly. This has become so important in this mobile age, that Google uses it to rank sites. Mobile devices have made us greedy, impatient information monsters, and your site – like it or not – needs to feed the beast.

If your site falls into any or all of these areas, reach out to First Call Computer Solutions, and visit with our friendly web department about an updated site.