Better Web FAQ

Q. How long does it take for my site to go live?

A. Once you complete the onboarding survey, we will schedule your kick-off meeting and get to work on your site mock-ups and web copy. Depending on how long it takes you to complete the onboarding process, we can typically have your site go live within 6-8 weeks.

Q. When do I pay my first monthly fee?

A. As soon as you onboard.

Q. Can I use content from my existing site?

A. You can. We will review and edit your copy for SEO. Recycling images can be tricky – they are often not the right size and sometimes we run into copywriting issues. We will look at the issue of migrating images on a case-by-case basis.

Q. How do I reach out to the web team with a question or concern?

A. Just email the web team at [email protected] with your ticket number in the subject line.

Q. What will the web team do to better my website over time?

A. “What won’t we do” is probably a better question! A couple of weeks before we begin working on a quarterly report for your site, we will send you a survey. In conjunction with the feedback you provide, we will analyze your site using different criteria every quarter. We will analyze your site’s performance, and identify opportunities for improvement. Then we schedule the work.

Q. Can I update a page myself if I want to?

A. Sure! We have optional training for the Content Management System we use and we can assign you and/or someone in your organization editor permissions. We know that you may want to reserve your copy-writing package for more in-depth tasks.

Q. What if I want to write my own blog post?

A. Knock yourself out! You can write and post a blog yourself, you can write one and we can edit it and make sure it is search engine optimized or we can write the blog for you as part of your copy-writing package. So many blog options, so little time.

Q. Can I have an online store and a shopping cart?

A. You can! However, this type of functionality falls outside the scope of our standard offering. Third party fees and additional labor may apply and maintenance of online stores will be up to the store owner. But remember, we will teach you how to use the Content Management System so you can update your store.

Q. Can I add a page to my site down the road?

A. Roger that. In fact, that is one of the criteria we analyze your site for regularly. Is it time for another page to describe a new service or product? Are you ready to start blogging? A new page has to fall within the footprint of the established site, but you can let us know what you need and we’ll tell you if it falls within the scope of the standard Better Web offering.

Q. Why, for the sake of all that is good and holy, is a round pizza delivered in a square box?

A. Preach. When Einstein was busy whipping up the theory of relativity, he should have been focused on more vexing matters, like this.