SEO Worksheet

In preparation for your new web site, we optimize your content for Search Engines & prepare for your Web Marketing and Site Advertising campaign. It is important for us, & for you, to ensure that the site content works to your advantage for Search Engine ranking, Site Marketing and Site Advertising.


Imagine yourself as your most probable customer and that you are staring at a Google Search screen (  As your most probable customer, what would you most likely enter into the Google Search box if you were looking for the goods/services your company provides?  For example, if your company markets and sells hand-made leather boots, your most probable customer might type in “Hand made boots for sale on-line”.  This is considered a Key Search Phrase.

First Steps

Enter your Key Search Phrase into Google.

If you determine that you would like your site to be listed on the first page of these results, then you should consider “Hand made boots for sale on-line” as one of your Key Search Phrases.

Poll existing customers.

If possible, we encourage you to poll existing customers and ask them what they would likely enter into Google if they were searching for your goods/services.

Develop a rank-ordered (most important to least) list.

Produce your list of your top-10 Key Search Phrases. Please fill out the following form using your list to populate the 10 Key Search Phrases. 

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