Web Design & Development

Responsive web design

‘Responsive’ web design means that a web site is designed and programmed to respond appropriately to the screen size of whatever device your visitors are using to search. Gone are the days of left-right scroll bars. Responsive design ensures your visitors can see what you have to tell (or sell) them, whether they’re on their phone, tablet or desktop.

A responsive website will also ensure your site will be found and displayed in search results. Search engines (most notably Google) give preference to sites that make it easy for searchers to find information with any device. If your site does not use responsive design, you could be paying the price with lower search rankings and dwindling traffic.

Site features of our ‘Way Better Web’

Mobile and tablet ready
Your site looks great on all devices
Faster load times
Your readers notice how quickly your site loads and search engines love it to and rank you accordingl!
Search Engine Optimized
People will find you by searching for related site terms

Search Engine Optimization

Usually referred to as SEO, Search Engine Optimization is a collection of best practices to ensure your site is readable to search engines. Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) ‘see’ a website much differently than a human user will—-mainly using a complex and closely-guarded set of algorithms to judge a site’s relevancy to any search being performed. It’s a computation that happens nearly instantaneously, and if your site is not optimized to show search engines what you have to offer, it may be difficult for anyone to find you.

When we design, develop and build your site, we’ll help you create content that’s SEO-friendly, give you guidance on other SEO opportunities and do a final SEO review before launch. And throughout your hosting tenure with us, we’ll periodically review your site’s rankings and content, to be sure you’re presenting the best possible face to search engines and users alike.

Website Hosting

We host all the sites we build, so you won’t have to coordinate information and billing for multiple companies. In addition, we take care of your domain name renewals, and provide web traffic reporting and periodic SEO reviews. You own your domain and your website-—we just take care of the details. When you host your site with us, you’re getting complete website management and security, not just some space on a server.