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"Better It"

Google rewards sites that play nice. One of the ways Google defines “playing nice” is having a site that is updated, enhanced and creates a real user experience over time. It tells Google that a site owner is engaged and is therefore delivering the best information and experience.

Until somewhat recently, having a site jammed with an appropriate balance of keywords was enough. But once billions of people threw their hat in the internet ring – and unfortunately a vast number of those hats (sites) were not reputable – search engines had to start rewarding sites that took their online presence seriously.

Just as search engines started to update how they ranked sites, we began re-evaluating how we host and manage websites for our clients. We discovered we needed to offer our clients more in the way of ongoing improvements.

That is exactly what we do during the “Better It” phase of your GOLD package website. Once the site is launched, we start to ask questions like, “Do we need to update services?” “Has your messaging or branding changed?” “Do you need an ongoing blogging strategy?” “Do we need additional pages?” Your business evolves and changes over time, and your website needs to do the same.

Partnering with us gives you an additional layer of return on your online investment. If you have to invest in a website anyway, why not invest in one that actually performs and adheres to the best practices of reputable sites? Why not indeed…

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