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west of the Missouri River.

Some people are just more fun to work with. At the risk of being immodest, we are those people. 

Does your Helena business need a website that performs? 

Helena’s business community is unique for Montana, in that it is comprised of government entities, large corporations and small businesses. What isn’t unique about Helena is that regardless of a business’ size, scope and services, a thriving online presence is a must.

If you’re not accustomed to putting “thriving” and “online presence” in the same sentence, you’re not alone. Businesses from Helena (and all around Montana) have spent a bundle on a new website and then watched as their new, expensive online presence slowly withered and died.

It’s a tale as old as the internet itself. Times have changed. The online arena is fiercely competitive and if you want your investment to pay for itself, it has to perform. And by perform, we don’t mean sit against the wall waiting to get picked last.

Lots of web developers can offer you a customized design and web build. We can do that too, but we go way beyond that. First, we climb inside your businesses’ head to see what makes it tick. What makes it special. What its online goals are. Only then do we have a definitive idea of how the site needs to look and function.

That’s just the first phase. From there we launch the new site and then get to work executing those online marketing goals. Through data analyzing, optimization, updating, improving and marketing copywriting, your site is continually saying, “Hey, pick me!” That’s the attitude a Helena business website needs to project. Let us help take your business website from “meh” to “look who’s here!”

Let's Work Together on This.

Did anything you read on this website compel you to give us a shot? If so, imagine what we can do for YOUR website.

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Meet The Web Team

If Saturday Night Live and the Geek Squad had kids, they would look and act like our web team.

Kat has been a professional writer for 15 years.  She's trained in SEO, digital content management and is a certified Google expert. She spends her spare time fly fishing (READ: trying -- and usually failing -- to outwit trout),  playing in the sun and binge watching HGTV.


Web Pro/Trout Slayer Wanna Be/Nutty Funster

Joey is part of our our Business Development Team here at First Call. He is a three-time United States Collegiate National Handball Champion and also loves to tackle any fly-fishing adventure life may bring him (including a memorable Gulf Coast trip that included the words “Mayday! Mayday!”, a capsized boat, a Coast Guard rescue, and ended in a Discovery Channel reenactment appearance).


Marketing and Sales/The Best of the Best

Brandy is First Call’s Business Development Director and has been helping clients to determine their unique web needs for over 10 years.  She uses her strong consulting and marketing experience to help Montana businesses receive better ROI on their web marketing spend by suiting them with the right web solution.  In her free time, she has 4 huge dogs which keep her busy.


Business Development Director/Crazy dog lady/Crazy work-a-holic

Spencer Schell is First Call's Web Developer. He has been a web developer for seven years and has served in the Army. He traded out sunny Iraq for sunny San Diego, working in the tech industry for several years. When his sister had a baby recently, he decided it was time to move back to Montana. If he's not weaving his web development magic for First Call, he's outside embarking on any form of recreation that involves snow or rivers.


Web Developer/The Wolf

Here's how it's done folks...

Over time we have fine-tuned and streamlined our processes to deliver our promise on time.

In just eight easy steps (most of which are completed by the First Call Web Team) we can launch your baby.

Onboarding & Research

Every successful project needs a strong foundation and careful planning.

Meet The Team

In the kick-off meeting, we collaborate on your project.


Our talented Web Engineer gets busy designing your site.


The marketing copywriter crafts copy that will make your competitors weep (Gold package).

Go Live

Houston, we have liftoff!


We'll show you how to use the website platform, if you want.

SEO Review

Every quarter we run your site through rigorous SEO testing (Silver package)

Better It.

We analyze  data from  quarterly SEO testing and continue to improve your site over time    (Gold package)